Corporate contract organic farming


Organic farming in India is a holistic concept and is being followed since ancient times. It is a method of farming which primarily aims at cultivating the land and raising crops in such a way, as to keep the soil alive and in good health by use of bio-fertilizers made using cow urine, cow dung, organic wastes (crop and farm wastes, aquatic wastes) and other biological materials along with beneficial microbes (biofertilizers) to release nutrients to crops for increased sustainable production in an eco-friendly pollution free environment. Ancient classical texts such as Vriksharyurveda (science of plant life) narrate such organic practice of farming not only for food crops but also for medicinal plants.

Indian organic cultivation practices primarily aims to improve the biodiversity of soil micro-culture that maintains the long-term productivity of soil and may prove a large depository for excess carbon dioxide. Organic bio-fertilizers increase the abundance of soil organisms by providing organic matter and micronutrients for organisms and can drastically reduce external inputs of pesticides, energy and fertilizer, at the cost of decreased yield.

At Phytofarm Global, we employ these age-old farming practices that have existed since thousands of years in order to conserve precious traditional knowledge as well as to attain reclamation of environment.


The last three decades have seen substantial growth in natural and herbal product markets across the world. Rapidly rising exports of medicinal plants during the past decade attests to worldwide interest in these products as well as in traditional health systems. With the visibility of Ayurveda growing globally, the number of products, derived from medicinal plants is on the rise. Needless to say, there is a great demand for raw materials even as medicinal plants are facing the threat of becoming extinct or endangered. It is a well-known fact that the harvesting of medicinal plants on such a scale is not sustainable.

We believe that this problem can be tackled by organized, well-planned large-scale cultivation that will make medicinal plants available in abundance for global demand. Healthcare organizations involved in processing of medicinal plants require consistent supply of good quality material round the year. This is hardly possible with supply from wild harvest. In order to resolve this dilemma with regards to supply chain issues, Phytofarm Global offers well-planned ‘Farm to Fork’ service solutions that assure clients get an uninterrupted supply of raw materials meeting their customized quality standards.

India is one of the most bio-diverse countries in the world experiencing a variety of climatic conditions and soil types. Hence it has an advantage of favouring the cultivation of wide variety of medicinal plants even native to other countries. We provide corporate farming facilities to our domestic and overseas clients who sincerely believe in the ‘Farm to Fork’ concept.

PFG’s own farms and associates are duly certified by international organic certification bodies such as USDA, EU, ECOCERT, LACON, ONECERT ASIA, etc.

We support farmers by involving them in every aspect of organic farming. We are associated with farmer groups with certified land in different parts of India covering a wide range of geographical and climatic conditions. If you are looking for any specific product, we can manage necessary resources and processing facilities to provide solutions that match your standards.

Please contact us with your detailed requirement.


Phytofarm Global is associated in special organic ingredient development for well-known brands. We work with developers and provide processed ingredients to get desired bio-active content and nutrition. We also help our overseas clients to source the right material as per their requirement from authentic and reliable sources.

If you are developing a blend and looking for perfect ingredients, we are there to help you.


PFG supports developing businesses and brands with private label manufacturing.

  • We provide botanical powders, T-cuts, extracts, etc. in pouch pack
  • We provide assistance in new product development, blending and packaging

With contract manufacturing service, we provide timely and consistent ingredients to the industry. We also process custom products according to customer’s requirements.

If you are looking for ingredients with consistent quality and periodic shipment, we can process it and stock the same for you for round the year supply.